Analog Electronics Lab

  Sub Code : 10ESL37                                IA Marks : 25
   Hrs/ Week : 03                                      Exam Hours : 03
   Total Hrs. :                                           Exam Marks : 50

NOTE: Use the Discrete components to test the circuits. LabView can be used for the verification and
testing along with the above.


1. Wiring of RC coupled Single stage FET & BJT amplifier and determination of the gain-frequency response, input and output impedances.

2.  Wiring of BJT Darlington Emitter follower with and without bootstrapping and determination of the gain, input and output impedances (Single circuit) (One Experiment)

3.  Wiring of a two stage BJT Voltage series feed back amplifier and determination of the gain, Frequency response, input and output impedances with and without feedback (One Experiment)

4. Wiring and Testing for the performance of BJT-RC Phase shift Oscillator for f0 ≤ 10 KHz

5. Testing for the performance of BJT – Hartley & Colpitts Oscillators for RF range f0 ≥100KHz

6. Testing for the performance of BJT -Crystal Oscillator for f0 > 100 KHz

7. Testing of Diode clipping (Single/Double ended) circuits for peak clipping, peak detection\

8. Testing of Clamping circuits: positive clamping /negative clamping.

9.  Testing of a transformer less Class – B push pull power amplifier and determination of its conversion efficiency.

10.  Testing of Half wave, Full wave and Bridge Rectifier circuits with and without Capacitor filter. Determination of ripple factor, regulation and efficiency

11. Verification of Thevinin’s Theorem and Maximum Power Transfer theorem for DC Circuits.

12. Characteristics of Series and Parallel resonant circuits.

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