Field Theory

  Sub Code : 10IT36                                  IA Marks : 25
   Hrs/ Week : 04                                      Exam Hours : 03
   Total Hrs. : 52                                       Exam Marks : 100

UNIT – 1

a. Coulomb’s Law and electric field intensity:  Experimental law of Coulomb, Electric field intensity, Field due to continuous volume charge distribution, Field of a line charge.

b. Electric flux density, Gauss’ law and divergence:  Electric flux density, Gauss’ law, Divergence, Maxwell’s First equation(Electrostatics), vector operator ı and divergence theorem.

     3+3 hours

UNIT – 2
a. Energy and potential :

Energy expended in moving a point charge in an electric field, The line integral, Definition of potential difference and Potential, The potential field of a point charge and system of charges, Potential gradient , Energy density in an electrostatic field.   

4 hours

b. Conductors, dielectrics and capacitance:

Current and current density, Continuity of current, metallic conductors, Conductor properties and boundary conditions, boundary conditions for perfect Dielectrics, capacitance and examples.

4 hrs

UNIT – 3
Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations:

Derivations of Poisson’s and Laplace’s Equations, Uniqueness theorem, Examples of the solutions of Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations.

6 hours 

UNIT – 4
The steady magnetic field:

Biot-Savart law, Ampere’s circuital law, Curl, Stokes’ theorem, magnetic flux and flux density, scalar and Vector magnetic potentials.

6 hours

UNIT – 5
a. Magnetic forces:

Force on a moving charge and differential current element, Force between differential current elements, Force and torque on a closed circuit.

b. Magnetic materials and inductance:

Magnetization and permeability, Magnetic boundary conditions, Magnetic circuit, Potential energy and forces on magnetic materials, Inductance and Mutual Inductance.

4+4 hours

UNIT – 6
Time varying fields and Maxwell’s equations:

Faraday’s law, displacement current, Maxwell’s equation in point and Integral form, retarded potentials.

6 hours

UNIT – 7
Uniform plane wave:

Wave propagation in free space and dielectrics, Poynting’s theorem and wave power, propagation in good conductors – (skin effect).

6  hours

UNIT – 8
Plane waves at boundaries and in dispersive media:

Reflection of uniform plane waves at normal incidence, SWR, Plane wave propagation in general directions.

6 hours

Text Books

1.  “Engineering Electromagnetics”, William H Hayt Jr. and John A Buck, Tata McGraw-Hill, 7th edition, 2006

Reference book

1.  “Electromagnetics with Applications”, John Krauss and Daniel A Fleisch, McGraw-Hill, 5th edition, 1999

2.   “Electromagnetic Waves And Radiating Systems,” Edward C. Jordan and Keith G Balmain, Prentice – Hall of India / Pearson Education, 2nd edition, 1968.Reprint 2002

3.   “Field and Wave Electromagnetics”, David K Cheng, Pearson Education Asia, 2nd edition, – 1989, Indian Reprint – 2001

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